Chapter Two is the sequel to the 2014 card game Jane Austen’s Matchmaker.

Grander yet more intimate, now 2 to 4 players must compete to become society’s most celebrated busybody. Step aside, Emma Woodhouse!

Find Their Heart’s Desire

Your characters have minds of their own in Jane Austen’s Matchmaker: Chapter Two.

Are they looking for love, status, money or just a fine pair of eyes? Roll the Matchmaker dice to discover their heart’s desire.

Gain Prestige and Patronage

Immerse yourself in Austen’s world and play host at such prestigious locations as Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Pemberley.

Meet polite society’s influential movers and shakers and gain approval from Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Mrs Norris and General Tilney, to name but a few.

Rule Polite Society

Outwit your rivals by making matches that favour your characters, but take care – throwing the unctuous Mr Collins at Elizabeth Bennet is apt to lead to disappointment.

Plot your romantic entanglements with genteel ruthlessness and make your offers hard to refuse. You’ll need luck and judgment to become a Matchmaker worthy of the pages of an Austen novel.

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RRP: £14.99
Contains: 88 beautifully illustrated cards, tokens, dice & rulebook
Game Time: 20-45 Minutes
For: 2-4 Players, 14+ Years.

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